Photos from our trip

In September we did a quick trip down to Canberra and back - the Lexus was a dream and so comfortable all the way. We didnt have a lot of time for photography and not the best weather and conditions, but here are a few from our Central Coast stop. I highly recommend Smiths Lakehouse for a peaceful and stunning place to stay, a bit of a detour off the highway, via Forster, but so worth it!





And here are a few by Alan and of Alan in his happy place - at Floriade. Again this was a quick stop in late afternoon light, which was different from other years we had been there and aimed for earlier in the day.






A misty morning at Cram's Farm

We got ourselves up early the other day to go out to Cram's Farm. Our aim: to capture some time-lapse sequences of the mist lifting over Clarrie Hall Dam to reveal Mount Warning and the beautiful hills around the dam. Well, that mist that we hoped would last long enough, stayed and persisted and wafted around and finally decided to lift around 9am.

In the meantime, we captured some very atmospheric shots of the shoreline and the birds coming and going. They were so close to monochrome that I pushed them a bit further, than added a bit of velvety warmth so they didn't feel so cold. What do you think of this approach? It’s a quieter series than we usually put out there, but the morning was lovely and quiet, just the honk of the moorhens, the clink of our metal mugs of chai and the click of the cameras doing the time-lapse.

Misty landscape

Misty black and white

Dewy plant

Lily lake

Misty black and white

minimalist landscape photography

black and white bird photography


Clarrie Hall Dam Crams Farm

New Mount Warning landscapes

I've been working on some of our recent images of our view of Mount Warning - Wollumbin, that we see from our home. The variety of light conditions and formations of cloud and mist still amaze me. We try not to take it for granted, even though we see this everyday. Here are a few favourites include some black and white variations. What do you think?

Moody sunset

Fiery sky landscape

Soft sunset photography Wollumbin

Light on the mist Wollumbin

Mt. Warning photograph

Storm cloud wollumbin

Hidden landscape

Wollumbin black and white

Tassie Trip photos

I'm just back to a very refreshing 8 day family holiday in Tassie. As it was a family holiday (3 birthdays in a week) photography wasn't the priority that it is when Alan and I go travelling, but there was time for some quick studies of what I saw. In order to travel light, I only took our 50mm 1.4 lens (on my lovely 5D Mark III of course.) There were many moments that I longed for my wide angle lens or for Alan's telephoto, but overall it was a good discipline that led me to really look at what was right in front of me and to focus on patterns and textures. First of all, here are a few landscapes, two of sunsets from Dodges Ferry where we stayed. The third is stitched together from 6 photos taken from the Tahune Air Walk near Geeveston.



Huon river from Tahune 1 1

And here are a few Tassie textures for you:









Our trip to Port Arthur also inspired me to create this bleaker image which is of two of the exercise yards in the Separate Prison (as in solitary confinement) down there. Back in the 1800's there may not even have been any trees tall enough to glimpse over the prison walls. What do you think of this one?

Port Arthur Separate Prison

Fingal Rocks

Last month, we finally got around to something we’d been wanting to do for years. That is to photograph the dawn out at Fingal Rocks, also known as the Giants Causeway. Its an amazing example of geology on show. The columns of basalt rock were formed when lava flows from the Tweed Volcano cooled suddenly. Anyway we were suddenly inspired, so we went out the evening before to check out timing, access and angles. We were the only photographers, but there were plenty of couples holding hands as they watched the sunset. Very romantic, except for us who were scrambling over the rocks taking photos as usual. We stayed overnight at Kingscliff so that we could be there before dawn. We were surprised to find there were about 6 other photographers all vying for the best spots. It turned out they were an enthusiastic Flickr group who had come down from Brisbane with the same idea. So here are some of our favourites from the morning, plus one of Alan during the scouting process. One of these photos (the sunrise shot at the bottom) is going to be featured in a display at a new guests lounge at the Tweed Billabong Holiday Park, together with several other of our photos. More on that later!

7D IMG_3658



7D IMG_3640

7D IMG_3755

Fingal Dawn 1

A road-trip to Canberra

This month we headed down to Canberra to attend a workshop. Seizing the opportunity of a road trip we put the car into camping mode and headed off for ten days, leaving the dogs, llamas, fish and everything else in the capable hands of our friend and house-sitter, Barb. We went down the coastal way and back via the Blue Mountains and the New England Highway. As usual there wasn’t enough time to explore and photograph as thoroughly as we’d like but its given us some great ideas and inspiration for future trips! Below are some of our favourite photos from the trip. Hope you enjoy them!

Sunset at Myall Lakes

Sunrise the next morning at Myall Lakes (the ones below too)


7D IMG_8879

7D IMG_8902
Dingo in the dunes at Myall Lakes - he was so curious and came so close to the car.

7D IMG_8915
Windfarm near Lake George

Blossom tree in Canberra - October’s a good time to visit

7D IMG_9027
Floriade (above and below)

7D IMG_8968

7D IMG_9073Tiana
My god-daughter, Tiana, taken at a local park

Tiana dance

Quinces in a Leura cafe

The Three Sisters Katoomba - everyone has to photograph them once don’t you think?

Distant view from the Garden of Stone National Park

7D IMG_9291
A dogwood tree somewhere along the way.

Evening light, Lake Glenbawn

7D IMG_9477
Poplar drive near Glen Innes

7D IMG_9486
Sheep or rocks? near Glen Innes

The humble dandelion

Mount Warning views this year

We’ve been so fortunate to live with this amazing view of Mount Warning for 11 years now. Sometimes we take it for granted, at others it takes our breath away. Here are a few recent moments that we’ve captured over many different times of day. Looking out over the hushed valley as the moon sets is definitely an unforgettable experience. We will also be redoing our stock photography section of our photo cart soon as we hope to share these photos and all this beauty with a wider audience.

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Brooding Sunset
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Wrapped in Cloud
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Into the Lava
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Moonlight Rhapsody
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Streaks of Cloud

has it really been so long since I've blogged here?

Has it really been so long? I guess that I put so much up on Facebook and our Portrait and Weddings blog, plus my recent obsession with Pinterest, that oh dear, I’ve neglected this blog! Well here are a few photos from a trip out to visit our lovely friends, Lyndon and Beth who live at Woodenbong (yes, what a name for a town!). We woke to a thick mist that gradually lifted to reveal all sorts of treasures. Here are a few favourites. I ‘m quite pleased with the classic mustering shot!

Old tree

Dewy web


Working pup

Morning at Crams Farm

Yesterday we had a barbecue breakfast at Crams Farm, a beautiful local secret location for all sorts of activities. Not only is it very picturesque it also has all sorts of wonderful facilities like under cover areas as well as barbecues (free, just press a button and away you go) and heaps of room for almost any activity. We had invited past photographic workshop participants and families for an informal, fun breakfast. The first attempt had to postponed due to far too much rain in February.
This one was attended by a couple of enthusiastic families and we had a great time enjoying the beautiful morning as the sun rose, the mist shimmied around and the waterbirds woke to an other magnificent day in paradise - oh what a beautiful day! We arrived a little after 6:30am to try to catch the sunrise and do a time-lapse series, to create a small movie: Dawn Reflection with Mount Warning. The others also arrived early to try to catch the beautiful sunrise then we enjoyed breakfast accompanied by the resident kookaburras and butcher birds.
Michelle’s girls seemed keen to model for the photographers, so after breakfast we walked through the long wet grass to some old wooden fences where the girls perched themselves. The background became beautifully moody as dark clouds and rain quickly passed through. Here are some of our favourite photos from the morning.









First trip to Darwin

Last month saw us in Darwin for a week, where everyone was talking about how cool it was this season. We thought it was deliciously warm, especially out at Litchfield National Park where we went swimming in the crystal clear water at Buley Rockhole and Florence Falls. The contrast of the green and blue water with the orange rocks and paperbark trees was irresistible for photographing as well as total immersion.



creek photography




The next two photos were taken on the way back to Darwin. We were itching to stop at a place we’d noticed on the way out, where there were still fires and smoke from burning off as well as dozens of amazing magnetic termite mounds. We arrived there just before sunset and went a bit crazy running around over a large area trying to catch the warm light and just the right composition. As the sun set we returned to our car and realized “Where is our camera case?!!” We looked at each other aghast at the thought of our lovely black Storm case sitting somewhere on the blackened soil in the fast fading light. Fortunately Perri was able to retrace our tracks via certain fallen trees and found it no worries.



Sunsets from Fannie Bay or was it Mindil Beach?





Alan met Cara and her boyfriend Ross while she was busking in town and we met up with them again at Mindil Beach to do this series of sunset photos for her. She has a beautiful Missy Higgins style voice and these images may feature on her new album?

Kara 011

Kara 025 - Version 2

Kara 050

Kara 064

And a couple of photos of Pete from Psycus performing at the markets. All part of a memorable trip!



The Rim of the Caldera

We had been planning for a while to revisit the wild places of the Border Ranges with the aims of refreshing ourselves in the forests as well as an enjoyable day taking photos. Accompanied by our new friend (and fellow photography nut) Peter Bracher, we headed off from Uki at 4.30 am in order to catch the sunrise from the mountains. We were rewarded with the amazing display you see below. Here is a taste of what we witnessed and captured!

Border Ranges  001

Border Ranges  002

Border Ranges  003

It was quite windy up on the edge of the caldera as you can see from the next photo:

Border Ranges  004

We then delved into the more sheltered forests for the rest of the day, exploring the treasures large and tiny - from ancient antarctic beech trees to carpets of moss sparkling with jewels.
As they say in the kids books “tired but happy they wend their way home” - just stopping at Sphinx Rock Cafe for a great hot chocolate on the way.
Here are a few more images from the day:

Border Ranges  005

Border Ranges  006

Border Ranges  007

Border Ranges  008

Tasmanian trip

Naturally, nine days in Tasmania was barely enough to scratch the surface of exploring and photographing such an amazingly scenic place - hope we can go back there some time soon. HIghlights include the wide bays of Bruny Island, the Russell Falls and tarns (alpine lakes) at Mount Field National Park, and the rugged peaks of Freycinet. Hobart itself is amazingly interesting - you could spend days just looking at the old stone and brick wall (while indulging in some great food and coffee)



















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