First trip to Darwin

Last month saw us in Darwin for a week, where everyone was talking about how cool it was this season. We thought it was deliciously warm, especially out at Litchfield National Park where we went swimming in the crystal clear water at Buley Rockhole and Florence Falls. The contrast of the green and blue water with the orange rocks and paperbark trees was irresistible for photographing as well as total immersion.



creek photography




The next two photos were taken on the way back to Darwin. We were itching to stop at a place we’d noticed on the way out, where there were still fires and smoke from burning off as well as dozens of amazing magnetic termite mounds. We arrived there just before sunset and went a bit crazy running around over a large area trying to catch the warm light and just the right composition. As the sun set we returned to our car and realized “Where is our camera case?!!” We looked at each other aghast at the thought of our lovely black Storm case sitting somewhere on the blackened soil in the fast fading light. Fortunately Perri was able to retrace our tracks via certain fallen trees and found it no worries.



Sunsets from Fannie Bay or was it Mindil Beach?





Alan met Cara and her boyfriend Ross while she was busking in town and we met up with them again at Mindil Beach to do this series of sunset photos for her. She has a beautiful Missy Higgins style voice and these images may feature on her new album?

Kara 011

Kara 025 - Version 2

Kara 050

Kara 064

And a couple of photos of Pete from Psycus performing at the markets. All part of a memorable trip!



Cabaret 360 at Uki

Cabaret 360 - what a great night - two nights actually over the 25th and 26th of June in our fabulous Uki hall. Ukitopia, the director, Hamilton Barnett, and all the performers did an outstanding job, bringing us such a diverse and quality entertainment. Well done!
Here are (just a few) of our favourite photos from Saturday night. For more photos to view or purchase, please go to Client Gallery or to our Event Photography blog.

Cab 360 2011  023

Cab 360 2011  061

Cab 360 2011  121

Cab 360 2011  162

Cab 360 2011  217

Cab 360 2011  347

Cab 360 2011  401

The Rim of the Caldera

We had been planning for a while to revisit the wild places of the Border Ranges with the aims of refreshing ourselves in the forests as well as an enjoyable day taking photos. Accompanied by our new friend (and fellow photography nut) Peter Bracher, we headed off from Uki at 4.30 am in order to catch the sunrise from the mountains. We were rewarded with the amazing display you see below. Here is a taste of what we witnessed and captured!

Border Ranges  001

Border Ranges  002

Border Ranges  003

It was quite windy up on the edge of the caldera as you can see from the next photo:

Border Ranges  004

We then delved into the more sheltered forests for the rest of the day, exploring the treasures large and tiny - from ancient antarctic beech trees to carpets of moss sparkling with jewels.
As they say in the kids books “tired but happy they wend their way home” - just stopping at Sphinx Rock Cafe for a great hot chocolate on the way.
Here are a few more images from the day:

Border Ranges  005

Border Ranges  006

Border Ranges  007

Border Ranges  008

Tasmanian trip

Naturally, nine days in Tasmania was barely enough to scratch the surface of exploring and photographing such an amazingly scenic place - hope we can go back there some time soon. HIghlights include the wide bays of Bruny Island, the Russell Falls and tarns (alpine lakes) at Mount Field National Park, and the rugged peaks of Freycinet. Hobart itself is amazingly interesting - you could spend days just looking at the old stone and brick wall (while indulging in some great food and coffee)



















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