Uplift Festival 2014

We'd heard about the last two amazing Uplift Festival Events so were really happy to get involved this year as official photographers for the organisers. There was a wide array of really inspiring speakers, including Scarlett Lewis who spoke so movingly about her son Jesse and the Choose Love project that his tragic death inspired. There was a palpable vibration of love and celebration that built as all the wise words, buddhist chants and creative acts combined to create something truly uplifting! Here are a few of our favourite images of a wide range of people both in the main hall and the festival village:


Festival time

Well, I have been slack with blogging this year. No excuses, but you can imagine why. We love November for the festivals that roll around in our area then. We were employed to capture both the Tweed River Festival and the Tweed Foodie Fest this year. Weather and atmosphere were great - hope you enjoy the photos and its a shame you can’t hear the music (the Samba Blisstas were phenomenal as usual) or taste the food. Unless you turn up next year! First the Tweed River Festival, about which we produced a short video that you can see here.


And here are a few photos from a glorious evening in Murwillumbah for the Tweed Foodie-fest, including one of guest speaker, Costa Georgiadis.


Why use a Pro?

The other day I finally got around to completing my accreditation process with the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). What does this mean? Well, for one, my work’s been assessed as reaching a professional standard. It also means our business adheres to a very stringent code of professional practice (but you all knew we were ethical nice guys anyway, right)? It also means I’m committed to ongoing professional development and will probably get more involved in AIPP run events, workshops and competitions, which will all be good inspiration for us both. Yes, even though Alan hasn’t got around to the accreditation, I’ll let him in on all the secret stuff I learn!
So here’s the logo I can now use:


Fingal Rocks

Last month, we finally got around to something we’d been wanting to do for years. That is to photograph the dawn out at Fingal Rocks, also known as the Giants Causeway. Its an amazing example of geology on show. The columns of basalt rock were formed when lava flows from the Tweed Volcano cooled suddenly. Anyway we were suddenly inspired, so we went out the evening before to check out timing, access and angles. We were the only photographers, but there were plenty of couples holding hands as they watched the sunset. Very romantic, except for us who were scrambling over the rocks taking photos as usual. We stayed overnight at Kingscliff so that we could be there before dawn. We were surprised to find there were about 6 other photographers all vying for the best spots. It turned out they were an enthusiastic Flickr group who had come down from Brisbane with the same idea. So here are some of our favourites from the morning, plus one of Alan during the scouting process. One of these photos (the sunrise shot at the bottom) is going to be featured in a display at a new guests lounge at the Tweed Billabong Holiday Park, together with several other of our photos. More on that later!

7D IMG_3658



7D IMG_3640

7D IMG_3755

Fingal Dawn 1

Storms and skies

This summer has brought us some amazing storms - but not much rain yet. Great for photography, not so good for the garden, even our rainforest is looking a bit subdued as it waits for some good soaking rain. Here are some recent sky and land-scapes. My favourite is the sunset with lightning - a very rare combination!






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