Product photography

Rainforest products

As well as covering the opening of Australian Rainforest Products new factory, which we cant show you, due to the confidential nature of their processes, we also did a quick product shoot as well as capturing some stock photos for their website, as well as staff portraits. Our versatility means that a business can receive a lot of value from us in a short time. We are very cost-effective and this client was very happy with all we achieved for them. We also photographed the lemon myrtle flowers later in the season and provided them to complete the picture.

ARP_Aug17_008 1

ARP_Aug17_025 1

ARP_Aug17_049 1

ARP_Aug17_053 1

ARP_Aug17_074 1

LM blossom_010 1


We’ve been putting more emphasis on our commercial photography recently and have been rewarded with some very enjoyable commercial jobs. One was for Dreamspace, a local company who import their own designs in mosquito nets, bed canopies and silk sheets and quilts. All lovely stuff to photograph, great people to work with and a beautiful setting looking out over the caldera, even though it was a wet day. If you’d like to know more about these beautiful products just go to Dreamspace or Mosquito Nets. Here are a few images from the shoot:

Dreamspace 012

Dreamspace 062 - Version 2

Dreamspace 152

Dreamspace 191

Dreamspace 194

Dreamspace 211

Emu Beads

The lovely Michele of Emu Beads asked us to photograph her at work making beads as she needed some photos for an article that was appearing in a British magazine. This evolved into some very enjoyable hours, not only photographing her, but her most special beads and necklaces. We loved lighting them up to reveal the fire within and the intricate details of coloured glass, tiny bubbles, metal threads and foils - all combined with exquisite artistry!

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