emubeads: a local artist/craftswoman

We've been doing a lot more video production over this last year or so. Here are two we made this year with Michele Bevis for her work: emubeads.
She is an extraordinary craftswoman, who constantly pushes herself to explore and experiment. You might like to watch the short promo piece we did:

Then if you want to learn more and hear Michele's musings as she works (I highly recommend that), here is a longer piece that takes you through the whole process of making a bead:

And to finish off, here are a couple of photos of a necklace Michele created for a client from South Australia. She frequently does special commissions as well as running Re-vamp workshops for groups (usually women) where you bring current necklaces, beads and jewellery and revamp them with Michele's unique beads and advice.

_MG_8316 1

A misty morning at Cram's Farm

We got ourselves up early the other day to go out to Cram's Farm. Our aim: to capture some time-lapse sequences of the mist lifting over Clarrie Hall Dam to reveal Mount Warning and the beautiful hills around the dam. Well, that mist that we hoped would last long enough, stayed and persisted and wafted around and finally decided to lift around 9am.

In the meantime, we captured some very atmospheric shots of the shoreline and the birds coming and going. They were so close to monochrome that I pushed them a bit further, than added a bit of velvety warmth so they didn't feel so cold. What do you think of this approach? It’s a quieter series than we usually put out there, but the morning was lovely and quiet, just the honk of the moorhens, the clink of our metal mugs of chai and the click of the cameras doing the time-lapse.

Misty landscape

Misty black and white

Dewy plant

Lily lake

Misty black and white

minimalist landscape photography

black and white bird photography


Clarrie Hall Dam Crams Farm

New Mount Warning landscapes

I've been working on some of our recent images of our view of Mount Warning - Wollumbin, that we see from our home. The variety of light conditions and formations of cloud and mist still amaze me. We try not to take it for granted, even though we see this everyday. Here are a few favourites include some black and white variations. What do you think?

Moody sunset

Fiery sky landscape

Soft sunset photography Wollumbin

Light on the mist Wollumbin

Mt. Warning photograph

Storm cloud wollumbin

Hidden landscape

Wollumbin black and white

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