Tassie Trip photos

I'm just back to a very refreshing 8 day family holiday in Tassie. As it was a family holiday (3 birthdays in a week) photography wasn't the priority that it is when Alan and I go travelling, but there was time for some quick studies of what I saw. In order to travel light, I only took our 50mm 1.4 lens (on my lovely 5D Mark III of course.) There were many moments that I longed for my wide angle lens or for Alan's telephoto, but overall it was a good discipline that led me to really look at what was right in front of me and to focus on patterns and textures. First of all, here are a few landscapes, two of sunsets from Dodges Ferry where we stayed. The third is stitched together from 6 photos taken from the Tahune Air Walk near Geeveston.



Huon river from Tahune 1 1

And here are a few Tassie textures for you:









Our trip to Port Arthur also inspired me to create this bleaker image which is of two of the exercise yards in the Separate Prison (as in solitary confinement) down there. Back in the 1800's there may not even have been any trees tall enough to glimpse over the prison walls. What do you think of this one?

Port Arthur Separate Prison

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