Kind Words from Peter Bracher

I learned an enormous amount at Perri & Alan Wain's digital photography course recently. It was fun, relaxed and enjoyable and I was energised by their enthusiasm for the subject. The full-afternoon format over three consecutive Sundays ensured a relaxed pace with time for a yummy afternoon tea each day, yet we still covered a wide range of theory and practice. Small numbers meant that everyone was included and received one-to-one tuition when needed.

As well as revising and reinforcing participants' existing knowledge, Alan and Perri extended this in many ways. They started by getting us to use our cameras manually, in other words out of the useful but ultimately restricting 'Auto' mode. It is so helpful to know how to 'beat the system' and take satisfying shots in conditions where 'Auto' actually creates more problems than it solves!

For me, some real 'icing on the cake' was the opportunity to try out some of the Wains own Canon equipment, including a superb macro lens. It was both a revelation and a joy to use. I might yet switch brands...!We were also shown the capabilities of software such as Aperture for Macintosh computers. I now use it to handle the majority of my digital photos. 

Another highlight of the course was seeing each other's homework shots. It was amazing to see how they could be enhanced by strategic cropping or making various adjustments on the computer. Perri's artistic flair and familiarity with the software really came to the fore: some 'moderately interesting' shots ended up as exciting, even breathtaking! And all do-able at home and without darkroom or chemicals. Taught this way, digital photography now rocks even more!

Peter Bracher, Tyalgum
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