Testimonial from Holland after the Field trip

When I travel I often spend hours photographing, birds being my favourite subject. My partner kept telling me I shouldn't neglect the basics of [digital] photography, and honestly, I tried, but one paragraph of a camera manual already made my head spin, so for years I was in denial of every technical aspect of photography and was consequently “rewarded” with flawed pictures: slightly blurred, slightly overexposed, just good enough for an obligatory slide show at a family gathering. This went on until on our recent Australian trip a friend from Adelaide suggested that I'd contact Perri and Alan Wain about a photography course. At that point we had a brand new camera with a nice lens, but most of the shots I made were still far from perfect.

For a day both my partner and I were tutored by Perri and Alan. I'd pictured myself nodding off while lectured on topics I inwardly refused to understand. Instead, I was taken on a field trip and showed how to use a range of camera features when and where I needed those. The timing made all the difference. We had a great day, and I still remember what I learned, and use it ever since.

We were curious about Perri and Alan’s own work, but didn't get to see it until much later. A good thing, too, for had I seen their images before I started to improve mine, I'd probably given up altogether. In this order, it was all encouraging. Perri and Alan are passionate about photography, and it rubs off. Moreover, they really enjoy sharing knowledge. Australia is a long way from Holland, but once I am back I'm signing in for another workshop!

Nina Targan Mouravi, The Nederlands
artist, graphic designer
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